Friday, May 29, 2009

House Bill 4315

Anti-Cyber Boso or the "house bill 4315" is a house bill counter act regarding to violators on capturing or recording act or acts that could cause public ridicule, without concern of the parties, and if there's a consent, there is no assent to its sharing and showing, exhibition to others.

It is a call for those who uploaded, downloaded and produce these kind of film/clips and videos that can be penalize to Php 100,000,00 to 500.000.00 and up to 6 months to 6 years of imprisonment to the one who capture or film the video.

“The Anti-Cyber Boso Bill which is being pushed by Buhay Party-list is very timely as we are confronted by this sex scandal contagion. The Hayden Kho sex scandal controversy should serve as a wake up call for Congress to penalize the reckless disregard of one’s privacy and for the public to be more responsible and more discerning in their actions,” Tieng has filed the Anti-Cyber Boso Bill as early as June last year as he expressed alarm over the increasing number of obscene sexual acts or other pornographic materials that are exhibited and shown over the internet and even shared in other electronic gadgets like mobile phones.
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