Monday, September 21, 2009

John Q - movie

The movie was nice and touching. The cause of the conflict was the insurance John got. He was not covered with the insurance because when the insurance company had reviewed their clients` profiles, they’ve discover that the income of John was not able to reach on the highest offer for the insurance. So he was placed on the lower offers of the company. John didn’t know about this, until the time when he went to the office.

He thought he was covered with the offer the company. When his son got sick, he was desperate to get the cure for his son. Until it came to the point that he had to hostage some people to get what he want. He was desperate to get his son on the list of the heart to be transplanted. He did everything for his son. He was really a hero not only to the eyes of his son, but also to those people who were there. All the time that he was on the hostage crisis, he was using a gun without a bullet in it. So it was not really his intention to hurt anyone around. He just wants his son to get the transplant he needs. It was when he was planning to kill himself, offering his heart to his son. Then a heart was available for his son. His wife entered the hospital and saved his husband by telling him that a heart is already available.

These are just some of the things that struck me. There are so many thrilling scenes and many emotional moments, yet in the end. The movie ended happy and no regrets for John. For him what he did is right. I think if I am on his part. I would do the same. These things will not happen if the government would give same offers to those insurance they offer. Everything really depends on the government and the people of the nation.

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