Monday, October 12, 2009

Facebook accounts held hostage

Wonder why how odd you can't access your facebook?

As a user of this social friend network “Facebook”, I do get the occasional I do read complaints from my friend list history most recent section), for one reason or another, are experiencing errors, disconnections, slow server response, and etc, when they try to access their accounts. But it's never been anything like this on past months or weeks. Now, the community is facing a threat of having their account deleted or can’t be access. Facebook tech team is working on the possible reasons why accounts unintentionally deleted. So there's an argument to be made that users shouldn't be complaining about something they don't pay for. But that's an argument that many of the people who have come to rely on Facebook as a channel of communication simply they won’t understand.

Whether the string of complaints is assured or not, Facebook hasn't disclosed anything about the issue of maintenance to be extended to cope up to all users expectations to the company.

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