Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dealing with Prosthesis Abroad?

What does prosthesis mean? Not everyone knows what prosthesis is. Read on to find out what prosthesis is and how much help it does, also how it is made.

Prosthesis is a kind of medicine which helps people lives a normal life. It is an artificial extension that will be attached to a missing part of the body in order to restore its function. This medicine is a part of a science that uses mechanical devices to be put in a skeleton or human muscle to help the motor control.  In short, people who are living a miserable life because of losing a part of a body because of trauma, incident or missing through birth, a part of a body like an arm or a leg may now live their normal life with the help of a prosthetic limb.

Many people abroad are using this kind of treatment as a temporary or permanent solution of the losing part of the body. About a million people abroad are going to South Korea because of the low cost of artificial limbs there. Many patients have benefited its low cost and help them reduced there financial aid. The most famous among the low cost prosthetic limbs are in India.

List of several conditions that prosthetic limbs may be applied:

1.      Cancers: many cancer patients especially in cancer of the bone may turn out to a limb loss.
2.       Accident: the most common among the several conditions that is possible.
And many other causes of limb loss. Different prosthesis is required in every different situation and depending on the patient’s case.

4 classifications of prosthetic limbs:
  1. Transtibial
  2. Transfemoral
  3. Transradial
  4. Transhumeral

Prosthetic limb should be replaced after three to seven years in order to improve the recovery of the patient. 
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