Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Vmobile? Why You Should Do The Business

1. Since may 2008 the company was able to sign up 220,000 subscribers. 1/3 of that are dealers who invested 3988++ while the rest are retailers who were more conservative and just spend 300 pesos.

Of the number of dealers 10 people were able to earn 1million pesos and up in the span of 30 months. (does that beat your present job?)

2. since may 2008 they were able to get 20 million load transactions. these 20 million transactions amounted to 600 million pesos of load sold or retail sales. 3. Since may 2008 more than 59 million pesos worth of load savings or profits were earned by the retailers and dealers. sa pagbenta pa lang ito ng load.

4. since may 2008 they were able to give out 150 million pesos worth of commision. yan ang program na nakagawa ng millionares in 30 months lang.

ngayon isipin mo ito:  kung 10 tao ay top earners at kumita ng 1million pataas malamang ay 1/3 nung 150 million ang pinaghahatiaan nila.

yung natitirang 2/3 ay para sa ibang dealers na syempre mas malaki ang network ay mas malaki din ang share sa natitirang commision

ngayon baligtarin mo ang figures gawin mong 2/3 ang pinaghatian ng 10 at 1/3 ang natira sa iba or sabihin mo na lang na 50/50 ang hatian. magtataka kaba na naka Porsche or magagarang sasakyan ang mga top earners?

Why I love doing the business.

1. its easy talking to people and offering them business. In fact it only takes 30 mins to show them the plan and to know if they want to do the business or not. only takes 3 days for a person to master the technical side of the loading business. much faster when you get traditional loaders to join the business

3. telco giants like smart see the potential of this business. come to think of it  if somebody buys load from you in bulk and takes care of the distribution wouldn't you do business with that distribution network. Would be less headache for smart because they just have to provide the load, and just let vmobile members do the distribution.

4. you don't have to do hard selling of load. if you do  it as a business all you have to do is announce that you have load for sale and people will just buy from you.

5. its cheap to do the business. for those starting at 300 pesos plus 500 pesos of load wallet it is easy to sell and recover your investment. if your talking about 3988 it still is cheap and easy to recover plus if you consider the fact na yung 3988 mo pwede tumubo ng malaki if you do the business right

6. it only takes 4 serious people who would be willing to duplicate your efforts of buying load, endorsing and teachingpeople about your business

7. anybody can do the business ang kailangan lang ay right attitude, self determination at syempre celfone is optional.

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