Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lee Min Ho Taylor, Swift Secret Relationship Not True; Swift, Tom Hiddleston Not Getting Back Though

The Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift affair rumors have been circulating the internet recently saying that Swift has cheated on Tom Hiddleston with the Korean star. Though basis of the rumors are prevalent that the Crimson Peak actor and the Fearless singer are getting back together. Read on to know more about their alleged affair!

Connection between Lee Min Ho And Taylor Swift Not Possible
Fans are speculating affairs between the Legend of the Blue Sea actor and Red singer gained popularity. Moreover, it has been circulating that the two have already have their connection while Swift was dating Hiddleston. GamenGuide reported that the two have been seeing each other secretly.
However, Gossip Cop confirmed recently posted aired that the relationship between the two is not that possible. Carry on, the article stated that the two have never been personally met. Additionally, the distance between the two is very obvious that it would have been impractical for a long distance affair to happen.
Tom Hiddleston Relationship To Taylor Swift Might Be Saved By Constant Communication
Meanwhile, the prior top mentioned above has reported that Swift and Hiddleston might get back together. It was noted that the two ended their relationship due to individual commitments. However, the two were reported to be still communicating with each other.
The article further revealed that the two are spending their holidays together in New York. Does this mean that the Love Story actress and the Thor actor are still seeing each other again? Seemingly, the two have not yet confirmed the said claims. 
So, until there is proof that the two are indeed getting back together, fans will have to stay skeptic about the love affair rumors. Leave your thoughts below!
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