Monday, July 7, 2008

is it the right to do?

have you get into conclusion of giving up? sometimes? ya right.....

last week was my worst nightmare, that time I decided to give up and just let go. think of possibilities that compromises my situation. I have a sick father, unemployed mom, unfinished education, got 5 brothers and a cool job.

I was in the state of giving up when I got into a common work problem and that's the worst I really did. I really do my work, I'm into it but sometimes I randomly noticing that I do nothing at work. I am paid to work but sometimes I give 50% of dedication at work.

I simply don't want that my boss catch headaches by being stubborn at work so I come up of giving up. But my boss talked to me and told me that if it is me that is not satisfied or bored at work I will lose something if i give up the work. She always repeat the word "what will you be after you resign/give up?" i replied "i don't know, its up to nothing"

It is a risky one but I don't know. I probably confused with a guilt that I do nothing at work.

I am resolving what I am today so that I can give my 100% dedication at work. Wish me luck.
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