Sunday, July 13, 2008

Personality check

Recently I realize that sometimes we do forget of things like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. But what I am in that time around is checking myself. Am I really happy about things goes around me? am I really harmony with others, or did I do wrong/mistakes that people will hate me?

This questions got into me when I was alone outside my doors work. The funny thing is I am doing nothing and it got into my mind and somehow stop me thinking other matters. I personally check myself to deal future relations and to improve myself for possible things.

At first, I check myself to myself meaning self realization of what you are now and what will you be. I found myself in the middle of struggles, dad got sick and concern for my families need. Do I really grow of this kind of situation? Yes! i think? hehehe with little confusion I may able to resolve this problem and make it better for our goodness sake.

second I check myself to my work meaning relationship with my work. Its been two years since I got employed in an Internet cafe as an Internet cafe attendant and somehow it helps me in the way of building my courage to speak, express English words to a foreign costumer and self study in computers and more stuffs. Am I satisfied? somehow yes but little away from the truth. reason? Its about co-workers, you may intend to do good job but others intend not to help your career but giving you situations that can lead to problems and dishonesty. Crab mentality thats what I mean.

And lastly, myself to God. I may be a Christian but in how can I consider being a good Christian. I sometimes lie, greedy and dirty thoughts to others, boastful and self-centered and many wrong doings. But what it makes me stop on reflecting? is when the answers reveal itself after I pray.

Doing a routine like this is optional or sometimes it will help. Thinking of ways to improve oneself is tiresome but rewarding if successful. A test of oneself will be you stepping stone of learning and experience.

Do your test now!

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