Saturday, November 8, 2008

My thoughts.... for this Christmas

With 47 days till the Christmas season we always believe that for every Christmas is not only for HIS birthday but its a new birth for giving, love, peace and friendships. Why in this season we all think of it? because for a long year it is good to end and start a year with a new beginning.

We hear a MERRY CHRISTMAS greetings from others but sometime we don't "merry" it at all. So why not leaving all the problems, guilt and failures at the end of the year and start with courage to face a new year, easy to say but it is the day sometimes we get the relief about it.

For this coming Christmas and new year we must not forget those who give the most to us like our family, friends, and HIM "Jesus". A gift that most likely we wish for and a wish that we want to be granted. Season may change but it change to the fullest of goodness why not be like it. ^^v Happy week end!
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