Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sad November

It was really sad. Then it was so peaceful. Acceptance about the truth healed by time.
Common to us during this month recollecting memories about our dearly departed ones be sad. Sadness is somehow our expression to the dead. Expressions that push us to move on and be prepared till our time comes. Irony is, we share our things to them "the dead" like foods, water, and sometimes they even give a glass of beer or wine. For what? common to us the traditional as we saw to others and how we adopt culture. By this trait's we share our common thing, the connection between life and death. As we all know we are still connected to them. We are connected by events, prayers and even daily tasks. We consider them among us, helping us but sometimes they harm us.

Like the mass today. The presiding Priest talks about it and after a homily he said "do not be afraid, Jesus is was not afraid but He carry himself and ask God to take over his soul to his kingdom with everlasting life"
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