Friday, January 22, 2010

Bubblelous - Double with A Bubble Infolinks Challenge

t was the first week of the New Year 2010. I was surfing the net and searching for new things on how to earn money online. I bumped into this site and I am convince with there high paying rate for text advertising. After I signed in, I start to embed their script on my web, and boom boom it works right away. Keywords from my site are highlighted and when you hover you mouse pointer on, you will notice that script is working.
After a week and so, I and my girlfriend find this intriguing contest of The contest is about publishers, like me must make a 10 seconds video corresponding to their theme “Double with a Bubble”

In this clip we are selected among 80+ entries to be one of the wackiest entry for

Me and my girlfriend are proud enough that our clip was selected and aired to their promotion clip. Thanks infolinks!

This is our entry for the contest. I let my girlfriend be on "zorb ball" and I'm the one who filming it. Luckily, we got this attraction.
and after a week, we found out that, they have selected the best entry for this contest but we are proud to be in this clip.

Now, with the newer technology merges to this earth, the web meets our usual phone. Nexus One Phone is the one of us with the idea to come up with the nice concept of connecting us to web with the size of a palm away. Wide as it fit right through your palm and pencil like thin easy to hold on. Hold on for the new generation on web surfing.

Now, this is how we can surf the web in a fun way!

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