Tuesday, April 4, 2017

‘Kuroko No Basket' Last Game Movie: New Trailer Released; Film Might Aired First In Europe

A new “Kuroko No Basket” trailer titled Last Game has been circulating around the web, making noise for the most-awaited comeback. However, the teaser is an extension of the ankle-breaking game between Team Strky and team Jabberwock, a visitor from America.

"Kuroko No Basket: Last Game" 
“Kuroko No Basket: Last Game” has been released first in Japan last March 18 this year. Due to its US and European countries popular demand and as per reports, these countries might receive it first in spring. The trailer exhibited aggressive maneuvers between the two teams, everyone wants to win the game.

Then again, the creators haven’t disclosed any news for the upcoming season 4 of “Kuroko No Basket”. Officially, it was broadcast that the sequel is coming on this month but until now, no reports has been made concrete about season 4.
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