Friday, April 7, 2017

"National Beer Day": Enjoying Icy Cold Beer In Any Occation

There's St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July BBQs to family and friends get together, TGIF’s. One thing in common, we enjoyed icy cold beer. April is not only Fool’s month but the 7th day is recognized by law as the “National Beer Day.”
Being that April 7 is National Beer Day, we figured it might be fun for some beer trivia.

On the year 1933, the Beer-Wine Revenue Act, or the Cullen-Harrison Act, was established as the countries steps to exit Prohibition. The law legalized the sale and brewing of beer below a certain alcohol-by-volume threshold. Before signing the law, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "I think this would be an enjoyable time for a beer."

In fact, there's a museum loyal to beer coming soon. Brew: The Museum of Beer, "designed by world-known experts in museums and beer studies" and "the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" is opening in Pittsburgh soon. Sounds like another good reason for a bottle of cold beer.

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