Saturday, April 19, 2008


Last night, before we closed the shop. while cleaning I notice a black nokia 5300 beside the PC monitor.

At first I was wondering how come? coz, it so happen that after a girl log-off on that PC, I immediately went to place and fix up. So, what comes on my mind that, theres no other costumer who log-on on that PC.

will I keep it or will I search the girl (as if she is outside looking for it too) hmmm... But i choose to keep it.

Right after I shot off the lights, someone knocked at the door and she yell that her cellphone left at the shop. so, I get the cellphone, open the door and gave it to her. Surprisingly,I didn't notice that she was my crush "blush" ^^

GOOD pogi points? heheheh nah... its a part of my job ^^v
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