Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pain on the neck!

last week was my craziest week that gave me a neck pain. Actually, me and some friends teasing each other with a girl who was looking to us (we are about 6) while we play drummania in NCCC mall Timezone. We are laughing, jab each others back and accidentally my karatedo friend chop me at the neck and that cause the pain.

during the chop I really felt that my back neck snap. I do not know if it is the bone or just some vein at my neck that snapped.

after I say "stupid! and sakit nun" ("stupid! that hurts") and my neck numb all night! so, I decided not to use pillow while sleeping to correct it (if it is really break or something) first morning that was a relief, the pain was gone after a few neck exercise. But during at work, I usually take a nap during my lunch break, I forgot the problem but instead I just lean on a wall then take a nap. Before I stood, that was the really pain on my neck. It snap again and the breaking feeling was intense that I thought my neck breaks to it.

so, I went to a barber shop to ask for some help. `coz, I observe, after a haircut they twist your head/neck and I really feel my stress gone. so, I ask them to help me paying the same amount for a normal haircut. But they refuse, instead they give me a massage, and that makes my neck more painful hahahahah...

after the session, the pain gone and my neck really feels the relief. hehehe ^^v
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