Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sketch of life

During my college life, my mindset is to finish my course and pursue for a career. As if, it is the easiest task that I can really handle but financial crisis came and my college life was ended. I stop for that kind of reason, at first it was easy to accept and happy to have free life!

that time, I entered work. from a car wash boy to a fast food crew, that was my happy life ^^. I encountered many type of personalities. From a boastful to a really too kind person, I really mingle with them talking some topics while working. I gain friends out of it, I gain trust from our costumers, I gain confidence to talk to others.

while doing those tasks, I realize, sometimes that I really need a proper education. well, education is everywhere, anywhere that you can actually learn outside of schools but i was convince that I need it, we need it for the reason of a specialization of expertise. pursuing career and making it pass is a key of not only the success but the out world confidence that you can handle that career and proudly share to others.

'It is today we must create the world of the future.'
Eleanor Roosevelt

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