Saturday, May 3, 2008

an forgetable day

It was the great day before a problem came and change my mood today.

Its been my 2yrs since my father got stroked, ever since then I am the one who's looking for there everyday needs. Not actually all of there needs but in major perhaps I am sustaining it.

hmmm... its been 2 weeks since the last day/time they took my salary. I am a bit surprise and also think that they have already earn money for the week. Careless enough, I spend my extra money for my break. I did watch Forbidden Kingdom, play a lot in arcades, buy clothings, and extras.

At that same they I receive a text message from home saying "if you have extra money there please share to us, papa don't have med enough for month". I am really stupid that time, I've been able to be happy then this thing pops out.

The last thing on my mind is to advance my next salary... but if I do that, I won't have my next one... so, I decided to ask somebody's help to lend me some money. So I ask all my friends that i can lend to but all deny to lend me some. with no further thinking I ask my boss to grant my salary advance. She did but what she have done was, she give me money for the med, not to mind it's not deducted to my next salary. They even ask, what's the name of the medicine my father is taking.

the next day, they gave a box (30pcs tablet) a medicine which I told them and that medicine is worth Php 500 a box. I was so thankful and holding my tears of happiness. When I got home, I gave the money and the medicine and my pap smiled at me the draw a heart shape in his chest saying "thank you and i love you" ^^c
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