Friday, May 2, 2008

a nightmare

Last night was a terrible night, I had this dream that keep on coming. Every Thursday night this dream is seems a continuation from my previous dreams.

It started last week, when I dream about I was flying from electric post to post. That I can feel the sensation of flying. way back, it started at my homeland Manila, Taguig City. when I about 6 yrs. old maybe, I jumped from our terrace and thats about a 5-6 ft i think but just before I landed, that very minute I realize I am flying. I flew around our house and to the other houses and that dream keeps me flying and flying.

the creepy part is last night, and maybe just maybe, it is the continuation of it. I was still flying right?! then a girl jumped into my back and she started shaking, and I saw her hand wanting to grab my neck. at that time I was awaken of such hand in my neck, I was in shock when I saw a RAT walk into my neck grrrrrrrrrrrr...... A rat! really it a rat! it walks above me. heehee and thats the time I am really aware that my dream coincide in real hahahaha.... creepy when a walked above me...

~end~ ^^v
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