Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Angeli Domini 5th yr Aniversary party

Its been two years since we started. It was only three persons who started a little circle of prayers. Felson and his brother Felix and with kuya king (our seminarian friend) who initiated gathering friends.

From Altar servers, gift bearers, choir, and some friends that was not active before in church but after they have joined the group we encourage them to participate in church activities and apostolic service.
A two days activity held of our Parish (Immaculate Conception Parish of Mintal) was the most experience one among our four years activities. Outside the church we pray, randomly choosing a house to pray and stay for awhile. Some deny us but some were gladly accepted us. Unfortunately, I was not there ^^,

During the second day, at Villa Christina ( a pool resort ) kuya ricky share something about our theme for today "Keep the fire Burning". He tackle about praying, about Mary mother of Jesus and about mothers.

He started with what he heard last Sunday's homily by which "why, sometimes our prayers are delayed to be answered? Jesus can not answer all our petitions to him, because Mothers have a special place to Jesus heart when Mary the Mother accepted whole heartedly him"

After the sharing comes the eat feast and swimming ^^v

I was low bat then, so I have not catch all the pic pic thingy.

before 4 pm we go Home Sweet Home ^^b

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