Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love you Mom

Love you mom! this greeting is occasionally been said to all Mothers every Mothers day, But our you sincere about saying it?

Since the day we are created as there children Mothers love is there. Since the 9 months of pregnancy mothers love is there. How lucky we are to have a mother on our side, since others, maybe forget how to have one or either they never felt having a Mother on there side.

Having a mother concept is not only for our biological mother, it has to do for all. Guardians like my grandma carries the title of being a mother to me. Since then I really consider my grandma as my Mother since I really hate my mother before.

My grandma guides me, teach me, scolding me when I do mistakes, and laugh when I give jokes made me a better person. I actually do compare myself to my brothers in behavior and attitude, even my father told my grandma (her mother) "thank you for raising me well" and every time my mother and I talk about something I always throw words like "how come i am so different with my brothers, since they grow along by your side."

But after those things i have said, I realize that being a mom is not an easy task. Turning there children to some relatives is not quite good experience. Since then, I am starting to accept my real mother and grow with her side once more. HaPPy MoTHers Day! ^^v
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