Monday, May 19, 2008

what if?

What if I stop on moving will I grow? This question got into my head after a little talk with my boss. She said why we put our time too much in computer games and less to work and to educational infos. She said "I only got one semester in college but been able to stand a business and sustaining growing children".

Shes insisting that not only in school or gaining diploma for a degree makes you a perfect "know how" person. The best teachings comes in each experience and reading.

I always hear the word "reading" while we talk. She said his father told them that even a news paper wrapped in a salted fish have informations, Informations either educational, news or something new around the globe.

The best part was, she told me "that will be me greatest gift I can bestow and you will remember me someday that I told you this" ^^v
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