Saturday, October 18, 2008

I wish I really could

Being in love with someone is inevitable. Looking forward each they to meet her you wish as unexpected. Scripted as it is just to please her, making over just to get her attention but still nothing change. Advices from left to right seems encouraging still no effects. Letters, treat's, being gentle and so many attitudes/behavior just to please her still nothing change.

What should I do? how come it has no changes. Am I really this ugly for not noticing the goodness inside. Others will say its not only for the outer look but the inside really matters. hmmm is it true? How I wish I am that guy she fell in loved with. Wishing sometimes that smile will be mine. Hoping that thinking will turn around my world with her. The man I used to be was not fair towards her and someone it was another man who turned me down jealous.Sadness covers me. Reasons surrounds me in silence and the sense that I am not good enough for her makes the world tipsy-turvy.

Now this dream will be my paradise for you in me to take sometime that my Heart will soon forget you.

I miss you maming d`cat
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