Saturday, October 18, 2008

PSP2 at its finest

PSP fan? Here is a new concept for the Playstation Portable. PSP2 design concept by Tai Chiem I mean, just look at the scrolling OLED screen! Still, it would be nifty to have a screen that can roll up into the PSP itself. No more tiny screen, but it needs some sort of electrical charge to hold it up. I guess it uses the same “memory cloth” technology as shown in Batman Begins.

Not only does it have the rolling and scrolling action going on, but the side speakers fold inwards, presumably to hold the screen into place when it is rolled up. Rumor has it the speakers are the controls for the device. This appears to the only method of control, as I don’t see a controller or buttons.

With a WOW, and as far as my finger touches the consoles (ammm where is it?) it will be a new innovation in gaming industry. With the design concept is insane it also features the awesome OLED screen fascinating graphics that will catch the eye not only the gamers but the audience too ^^.
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