Saturday, October 4, 2008

It will be sad without HER

It was almost a week when my mama told me that my Mommy (which my Grandmother) is bed redden. At that time I was thinking of "She's just tired". I forgot that she is too old to move around the house cleaning and making herself busy of almost anything she catch her attention. Last Friday, I ask for a day off for its my Papa's birthday and the same time to visit my Mommy too. As soon as I arrived the house I rush on my Papa first, great him a Happy Birthday and kiss him. After a little chat I went to my Mommy's room and seen her on bed lying, having connected to dextrose that was almost empty. Watching her asleep just break my heart seeing her helpless while she catching her breath. A few minutes later Mommy woke up and turn her head looking for something I sat beside her and start to talk. "Musta na Mi?" (How are you Mi?) and she replied "dan2x ikaw yan?" (dan2x is that you?) and my tears start to fall. After a little talk about her I decided to leave the house coz` I feel like melting. I felt it when she said "kapoi na" (I'm tired)(pagod na ako) with this word I accepting the fact that she will be go off soon.

Having this situations was a fun-like-joke to me before. Way back high school during my Altar boy days I go with our Parish priest when he had a sick call (anointing of the sick) and I always come along. During it, I always remember finding my self with this question "what will be my feeling if one the member of my family die".

Now? I think this is it. The feeling I was talking about and actually scared for the day my Mommy will set off. I am fortunate and proud of having my Mommy since I consider her as my Mother.

In Gods will! May you be in His arms when the right time comes.

In your hands I command my spirit!
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