Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The new chapter begins

Just after the burial yesterday, some family friends stayed till the 9th Novena prayer with topic about my Grandma. Since it was finished we are set for new chapter. Memories of HER still remains and the nurturing still developing that for decades maybe we can still share. Mixed emotion still in air, friends still coming to pamper who was left behind and relatives help still at reach for healing.

During the mass we've attended the Priest who celebrated the mass told us that "Death is the end of our mission here on Earth but the beginning of a endless life in Heavens" an END and a BEGINNING. He said my Grandma Romula is fortunate to reach 85 yrs on Earth because she saw all the improvements and development mankind have. Cellphones, Internet, Inventions and more that for 85 yrs is enough for her to see the goodness of God for us. That goodness is not for material but for nurture.

With this new chapter hand-and-hand we take it for the better good of all. ^^v
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