Monday, October 13, 2008

My Very Own Fairy Tale

Kianne and the Wolf

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl named Kianne. She and her friends – the three little piglets – play with each other on the house of the three little piglets. The house of her friends is made of candy. Kianne went home after playing with them.

Upon arriving home, her mother gave her an errand: to visit and bring some goodies to her grandmother. Before Kianne left, her mother had given her an advice: Don’t talk to stranger.

Along the way, Kianne met a wolf, a c omplete stranger to her. The wolf introduced himself to her as a friend of the three little piglets. Then he told her that he’s looking for the house of the three little piglets because he wanted to visit them. Kianne after learning that the wolf is a friend of her friends, he told the wolf, “They live on the house made of candy”. The wolf thanked her and left, while she continued to walk straight going to the house of her grandmother.

After paying a visit, she had left the house of her grandmother and went back to the candy house. She was greatly terrified when there’s no one inside the candy house except for the wolf with a bulging tummy. She hysterically asked the wolf, “Where are our friends wolf?!” While caressing his tummy the wolf smiled and said, “Here they are, inside my tummy … and you’re my desert Kianne!” The wolf was about to eat Kianne when a prince with a crystal shoe on his hand came by and help her by throwing the crystal shoe on the wolf’s head. When the wolf fainted, Kianne snips the tummy of the wolf and came out the three little piglets.

Kianne and her friends are thankful for the prince for helping them. Then the prince found out that Kianne was the owner of the crystal shoe when the prince had tried the shoe on Kianne’s foot. This incident reveals that Kianne was the girl whose the prince is looking for. Then all of them become best of friends ever after.

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