Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Christian the Lion

Talk about friendships and good companionship, Jheine send this video a while ago with the sniff of her nose crying telling me this video touches her emotion a bit.

John Rendall and Anthony 'Ace' Bourke owner of Christian the lion didn't expect or they expect that they will be recognized by this meeting even though they were advice that they may not be recognize because of being not together for a long time.

I am really surprise that the owner was not eaten, of actually it is the nature of the exotic animals. After they bought it when Christian still a cub in a shop on a cage, with 35-55 pounds they after they let Christian be in a widelife conservation program in Africa and they go back a year later to Christian not knowing what his reaction gonna be.

Christian looked at them and start running then he open his arms wide and start hugging them, in that scenario I did not see struggle or fear while they hugging the lion.

"We had such a beautiful relationship with him and there were such TRUST and such LOVE and he run towards us with such love and excitement in his eyes and we thought exactly the same way, we were so excited to see him looking so big and healthy and the story has just turned up so beautifully when it could have different ending" -Anthony-

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