Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interested and not

I am having second thoughts applying on a call center job. Since I have the guts but not the mood about it. Honestly, I got big problem with my English specially in vocabulary speaking.

For the time being I am blogging to enhance my skills on writing. It really helps and get you into challenge every time others like my readers comment on my grammar, English and spelling hehehehe.... My point is, here in my country as the English is the second language I envy those who can. I can clearly see my self in the edge of a cliff while listening to my English subject classmates that can almost speak like foreigners with there accent.

To bad for me, I can hardly speak because I can not express much in English or even match it with the right term before I speak or answer. I am always down during and after a little talk in English even in a normal conversation. I can articulate things in mind but I can't let it go. I can't even say it properly without having tongue twists on its own while pronouncing a word or a answer.

Even with this downfall I make it positive. Being positive makes me feel it is not my limit, it is not my time to end without trying, it is not my only problem others do too. As a start i am honored to cater any opinion and ideas criticizing my grammar, spelling and English. Hoping you guys will help ^^.

Flocks of the same feathers make the stick duster stronger ^^v
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