Monday, August 18, 2008

One Godly day!

It was a bit surprising that my Aunt Marlyn (my boss) forgot that my partner here at work is on day-off this day. I was expecting someone to be my partner since it is common here at work if someone is on day-off she will ask somebody to be my partner for the day.

Hours past and I noticed that no one would come. I texted my Aunt Marlyn asking "how come I am only one here at work" hours later I received a call from one daughter her te`Chinkay and she ask me if I have a partner at work, I was laughing then and replied "none, hahahahaha" "are you ok being alone at work?" she seconded, "yes!" I said "it is good to work alone heheheheheh"

Past eight in the evening my Aunt Marlyn with his brother came fetching me with a good dinner.
And all my hard working and tiring day end after I ate it all.... hahahaha ^^v

You have the team spirit during work but you always on edge while alone
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