Friday, August 15, 2008

No exam permit, No Exam

On every universities around the globe experiencing alarming rate of students not paying their dues on time. Amount receivables each year reached strains on "cash flows and financial stability of the school".

Commonly, upper class year levels paid their fees toward the end of the semester or before the next semester's registration. As a private and has higher education institution does not receive any grant from the government for its operation as such universities depends on the money collected from the student each semestral bills.

In contrary for what they want to reach others about there financial problems students have it also. Delayed payments on every exam/semester gives stress on how they will come up with the amount they need to pay the school. Do they understand that situation like this? Admin must understand the status of their students letting them to be educated not just for they pay the school to do it but they giving the education as a gift for every student enrolled.

They are also true that they can only opperate well if they have funds. With the tuition plus the miscellaneous, aren't they enough? It is unfair for the students paying their payables but do not get the facilities for them to use or an operating one.

Education is for all, are all can afford education?
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