Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some Text missing

My cellphone beeps.

I looked at it and got a text message, My friend Jal asks something about abortion.
From the word itself it is alarming, so I replied and ask him "is it your problem or a friend of yours problem?" He text back "It is mine".

With my curiosity, I asked him to come over my house to talk about it or even involve the girl who I think is pregnant that time or maybe taking the risk to do it. After a few minutes, he surely came by and I started asking.

"are you... going to be a daddy?" he strongly replied "NO! I'm not, a friend who happen my ex-girlfriend have this problem for two weeks. It was positive when she got the pregnancy test result"

With a humor I asked, "I'll be the child's ninong (male sponsor) in his/her baptism" hehehehe....
then after awhile he replied and said "OK! you're one of the ninong of my DOGS babies" wenks`
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