Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day to remember

This coming Aug. 27 will be the 3rd year of my Father's stroke condition.
My family is in struggle since sickness came, even our relatives extending there effort too to provide enough medication for my papa. Since then, 2 years past we always commemorate the day not because he was sick that time but the essence of bonding that strengthen our family and others. Working as a team both household and taking care of my papa.

Each year all of our friends and relatives will be on that day. And you can see the happiness from my papa's smile and smile from his visitors. You can also see life for every "Hi and Hello, how are you? and don't mind about your illness, just be happy because we're here for you" conversations.

In 3 years of financial and attending to papa's needs problem, we all endured it. Even my Lola (Grandmother) also gives her time to his son, talking to him, giving him snacks every afternoon and even cook for him. My Lola is 87 and still strong.

For three years we are hoping for cure. For three years we gave it all we have. For three years I realize how important family is.
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