Saturday, August 9, 2008

WordCamp Davao Locator Map

To get to the WordCamp Davao venue, from McDonald’s in Victoria Plaza, go straight, then take the first left on Mabini St. when you leave the mall. You will be heading towards the back entrance of the mall, but turn right just before it. You should be on the road with a big canal on the left. This is Veloso Street.

Go straight up to the 2nd corner, then take the left. This is the entrance to Palm Village. After a very short distance, take the left onto Narra St. You will notice the signs for Brian’s Grill & Café and La Piscine on the right side.

WordCamp Davao
4 September 2008
Bryan's Grill & Café
91 Narra St., Palm Village

WordCamp Davao is now updated! So, to those DavaoBloggers that not have yet registered just click on the "register botton" and start filling it in. SEE YA!
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