Sunday, August 3, 2008

wacky day ^^

Another wacky day my friends did yesterday.

after the memorial ceremony of one of our friend.
Our elders have this belief that after attending a burial
we must not be at home @ 12 midnight because of bad luck.

So with the majority agreed about it we decided to have our gathering in a KTV bar despite of what just sad happen.

we consider it as offer to the late auntie we have because we know
she is on God hands at the time.

We started choosing religious songs for the offering and afterwards the jamming starts.

from the selected loves songs to the hard rock that makes our throat inflamed and irritated hahaha so beer pop-up ^^v

I have to go back right away because of curfew hahaha.. den all stayed up until 1 am ^^v after that home they go ^^v
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