Tuesday, September 23, 2008

am I tired?

It was 4 days since my last post. That time I was eager to post of almost any topic that comes on my mind. Eager to look at my mail for new task from different pay-2-blog sites. Eager to share with my friends online and tagging along.

Am I that tired or preoccupied by something else? "knock, knock" I talked to myself. Are you aware for sometimes you set your mind to do something but you forgot to do it? or somewhat you really want to but then caught by other concerns.

Thinking for quite sometimes on how I will pursue my life. Career? don't have that much, I don't have proper education in college since I was out of it for almost five years. Got a job but it is not much to sustain me for future. For some reasons I envy my batch mates, even though some of them do not have jobs yet but they are secure by there diplomas and degrees and there future will shine through it.

I didn't say that I stop for that reason I am jealous about it. I may have to degree or diploma to hold but the key of success sometimes found on experience and will not be compared on paper holders.
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