Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cool music box in a bag

This gadget is actually common, but the uniqueness of this one is the whole bag converted into a music box. Its like having both bag and speakers that are connected in a hallow space inside to create a or like a music box.

Personally, I am amazed on how they manage to mold a plastic fiber looks like a back pack and with the design specialize compartments for the speakers.

Music lovers who find that the new small, carry in your pocket music players are unappealing can go back to the seventies when people walked around with their boomboxes on their shoulders. Jonas Saraanen understands that you may be feeling nostalgic about the love-and-peace era but still need you feet firmly on the ground. The Reppo II includes integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifiers in a backpack that you can carry on your back anywhere you want.

The hardshell boombox backpack also gives you enough space for some other necessities that you don’t want to leave home without, like perhaps a six-pack of beer. The Reppo II does not use much power since it runs on small rechargeable batteries. Once an audio source is plugged in, you can carry your music everywhere you go and announce your arrival with the loud beats of your favorite song. The backpack also appears pretty cool in black and white and is intended to be up for production soon.

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