Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My friend is my angel

I received a text message from a Parish friend, a quote that made me reflect for awhile. "Don't always say that there's still time. coz` there's also a concept of too late." Lovelyn who texted me is my good friend. She always give advice for what I am today. She keeps telling me that it is not to late to fulfill my dreams. It is not bearly starting she said.

Lovelyn is a type of girl who is postive always. She always look to curves of solution to come up with the problem. She actually set an example for me to understand things about struggling and patching it up to smoothen the future.

She also nice and kind to ask me about "how is my week" or "what you will do if". Those question sometimes become my anti-stress medicine and I consider her as my soul doctor. I really miss her for I am always at work and sometimes it is tiresome for me to keep coming back from home since its too distant to travel.

I know that she is my Angel and she is my friend.
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