Thursday, September 4, 2008

my Meyming

I really love cats. For me cats are like my family too. At home I had this cat looks like Garfield ehehe but his name is meyming ^^v. I don't have pictures of her because I don't have one hehehe. She always jump right to me every time I sit on our couch. Here in the picture, it always reminds me about her at my side during bedtime (my bed is our couch haha). I will certainly give this as my tribute to her. Shes gone a week ago (sad)

For 4 years shes on my side. Just like a fish on a aquarium, stress just pass by every time
see it. During those years a lot of unforgettable memories we spend each other, just like on her 3rd new years eve. We are on party at the dinning and I actually forgot about her, In our merry making she jump on the table at open her mouth (like yawning) and walks towards my plate. She just stare on it, sniffing the food so I gave her a piece of fish and she replied "meow meow" means thanks hahahaha ^^v

The day she died, it was a lost. Shes like a part of our family that mingle to us everyday. A part of a family, just like a 5 year old kid playing around the house. A part of us that we actually have this link, that is unforgettable.

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