Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Primitive Iron Man

HAL(Hybrid Assistive Limb) a product which combines the limb of real flesh of human attached to a machine that react through signal from the skins reaction to a weight or sometimes it first react before the skin or muscles do.

This machine which enhance power who wears it, power such as strength and stamina that coincide to a computer that will manage the exact strength the wearer needs. It is just a like a fiction movie that can lift tons of weight with unhuman strength. Yoshiyuki Sankai a 48 year old doctor of robotics along with his son who his test pilot of the suit manage to compel on there invention with an amazing test run.

On my part this invention got two things on my mind. First, is the development of the invention which, proir to mankinds, make there heavy and weighy task easy. but the second one is, if this invention intervine the humans capability to progress on its own, this product won't help because artificailly we do intend making up things easy without sweat.

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