Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mary's Birthday

Actually, this is my belated greetings because not only I forgot to post it but I was somehow unable to remember it.

Yesterday, Sept. 8 2008 in Philippine calendar was the Birthday and commemoration of Mary mother of Jesus and the anointed one. Early morning, I felt that there is something special that day. I am pretty sure there is until I log-on on my messenger, my aunt Lisa's status on her messenger was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA MARY" that was the moment I pause and contemplate and fell sorry for I have not notice the date was truly special.

I was born on a society pledge their faith to follow Jesus through the intercession of Mary. In my high school years, run by PM sisters (Presentation of Mary Sisters) thought us to follow Jesus along with Mary. As they said and our school theme "THROUGH CHRIST, THROUGH MARY".
We never miss that day because it is so precious and it comes only once a year. And also at home we celebrate it by lighting up candles in front of our veranda and pray the Holy rosary.

Somehow, I pause a bit and greet Mama Mary with a little prayer but I know that was not enough. Although, It was my second option to do I sincerely felt sorry about it and hope this little tribute will reach her along my heart and prayers.

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